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There are many tree apps for all phones and some computers – search the apps markets for the latest. We only list free ones here. The Natural History Museum has sponsored the UK version of Leafsnap, a photo-recognition app. The UK version (free but Apple only) is available from the App Store – more info here. – Android coming soon apparently.

If you are prepared to take a photo of a leaf against a plain background (e.g. a sheet of white paper) then this app works well. You might like to read about how it works, or download a 1GB dataset of leaf images and outlines

The Forestry Commission has produced an app to help identify the trees found in our forests – Forest Explorer. It contains 3D tree illustrations of each tree, leaf, bark and seed found there, which means it will be useful anywhere in the UK.

The US has more and we have many trees in common of course, particularly street trees. Vtree (Android and iPhone) looks good. TreeBook (iPhone) only covers 100 species, but that is probably enough. Tree-App.com has free and paid versions for Apple and Android. There’s also an Android one called ‘Tree Identification‘ which might help if you like the way it’s done.

We have a list of web-based Tree ID pages too.