Our events page is worth a look. London Borough of Haringey has Tree Pages too. Trees are planted in the borough according to a schedule – find out when your ward is next.

Grants for planting trees will likely come from one of these organisations.

It can be very rewarding to learn to recognise different sorts of trees – in these days of smartphones it is easier than ever – check out our tree identification page.

Read our page about watering trees – it would help a lot if you could water any new street trees you come across. Here’s a pdf guide to looking after trees generally.

Get involved with us – part of our unpaid volunteer work is helping plant the occaisional tree – look at our planting page for inspiration.

We maintain a list of some of the Street Trees we walk past, use the Tree Index to find the trees on the streets we’ve visited. Here’s a list of the species we’ve found so far. We also maintain lists of the trees we passed by up to the end of 2013 and 2014.

If you know of any trees, please let us know so we can add to our lists. To help your identification skills, check out our Tree Guides pages using a website or apps for your phone.

Here is some info about Ash Dieback: How to ID Ash Dieback: Forestry Commission PDF and Tree Council PDF. Here’s a video about how to ID  Ash Dieback and a smartphone (Andorid) app.