We hold tree-related events every month in different parts of Haringey.

We cover the whole of the borough – street tree walks one month, then a different sort of event the next month. The tree walks are a free opportunity to discover more about local street trees. We walk along a suitable street, exchanging knowledge. Some of us do maintenance if needed. Most come to look and learn. Details on our events page.

Please sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when the next event is. If you would like to get more involved “behind the scenes”, there is a continuous need to simply let people know our events are happening.  So, if you could spare the time to send an email once a month on our behalf, please let us know and we will nominate a group near to you who would appreciate a reminder. We send you the email, you forward it on to a local group – simple!

We are all on learning journeys and so if you are keen to help us learn about trees and learn more yourself, there is plenty of work to be done. You could start by compiling a list of learning materials, or by beginning to identifying the trees close to you – in your street, for instance. We have a list of trees in streets and a list of all the species we know about (an index to our data is linked to from our Tree Info page) – please help us add to it.

We could do with some help creating learning materials too.  If you can draw or take clear photos, are able to spend a little time writing brief descriptions of the various useful websites out there or can help in any other way, either talk to us at an event or contact us and we will get right back to you.

If you use Facebook, please ‘like’ our facebook page  and follow us on Twitter. If you don’t use Facebook, please contact us  and let us know you’re coming to one of our events, or simply sign up to our newsletter.

The continuous work-in-progress that best describes our plans for the future is on this page.